What is Your Body Type?

Have you been wondering lately which body type you are? Has someone asked you about your body type? Ectomorph Mesomorph Endomorph is the three types.

Did you look for a diet regime where you were asked about your body type? What are the body types of a human? If you have these questions in mind, read ahead to know the answers.


Which of the following factors seems most dominant on your body when you look in the mirror?

How do your shoulders compare to your hips?

Which of the following objects best describes your body shape?

If you encircle one wrist with your other hand’s middle finger and thumb, what happens?

When it comes to your weight, which of the following patterns best describes your history?

Think about what your body looked like once you reached your full height as a teenager or young adult. How did you look?

A. I looked long and lanky.

If you’d been exercising regularly and you took a break for a few months, what would happen to your body?

Put on a pair of form-fitting jeans, Where on your body do they get extra clingy or even stuck?

When you have a serious carb-fest (think: a heaping plate of pasta or multiple slices of pizza), how do you feel afterward?

How would you describe your body’s bone structure?

What is the structure of your facial bones?

How much daily activity do you have?

How is your weight control situation?

Which part of your body can store more fat?

What is the best exercise for your health?

Check Your Body Type in 2021 Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph
Ectomorph (Low)

Ectomorph Body Type

Ectomorphic: characterized as skinny, weak, and usually tall with low testosterone levels; described as intelligent, gentle, and calm, but self-conscious, introverted, and anxious.
Mesomorph (Normal)

Mesomorph Body Type

Mesomorphic: characterized as hard and strong, naturally with even weight distribution, muscular with weight training, thick-skinned, and as having good posture with a narrow waist; described as competitive, extroverted, and tough.
Endomorph (Strong)

Endomorph Body Type

Endomorphic: characterized as fat, usually short, and having difficulty losing weight; described as outgoing, friendly, happy and laid-back, but also lazy and selfish.

Which body type are you?

There are three body types:

  1. Ectomorph
  2. Mesomorph
  3. Endomorph

Ectomorph is a body type where people have a long and lean body structure. In this body type, very little body fat is visibly known or seen.

Mesomorph is a body type where people have an athletic body with strong muscles and comparatively less fat.

While in an Endomorph body type, the body structure is a little flabby and has body fat.

Let us discuss in detail these body types.

Traits of a body type

Everyone’s body type mentioned above has different and unique traits that will make it easier for you to identify their body type. Read the qualities carefully and start working out accordingly.


Ectomorph Body Type
Ectomorph Body Type

A person having Ectomorph is said to have a skinny body. Other than that, it is challenging for them to gain weight.

Some prominent traits that can see in this body type are:

Small and “tender” body and bones with a flat chest and slight shoulders. It is tough to gain muscle mass and weight. They also have a faster metabolism.

This body type is best suited for fashion models as they are lean and skinny. The females most likely like Ectomorph because this body type has a narrow shoulder.


Mesomorph Body Type
Mesomorph Body Type

People with Mesomorph body type are robust, athletic, and solid. Someone having this particular body type will have strong muscles.

Also, they gain weight faster than the Ectomorph body type.

Some of the prominent traits of this body type are:

They have well-defined muscles, strong and athletic body with great muscle mass. This body type responds best to weight training. The gain usually seems very fast, especially for beginners.

The disadvantage of this body type is that they are more likely to increase fat than Ectomorph. It means they need to track their calorie intake.

Generally, Mesomorphic body type is the best choice for combining strength training and aerobic exercise.


Endomorph Body Type
Endomorph Body Type

They are usually short built and gain weight quite quickly. People of this body type have thick arms and legs.

They have strong muscles, especially in the upper legs, and can do squats very quickly.

Some traits of this body type that are common:

The muscles are not well defined, their body structure is round, and metabolism is prolonged.

When training, they gain weight quickly. Unfortunately, most of the weight comes from fat, not muscle.

People with this body type should always perform aerobic exercise and strength training to minimize fat. It is necessary when a person’s diet is high in protein.

So What is Your Body Type Now?

After knowing the traits and characteristics of all the three body types, can you relate yourself to any one of these? I yes, go ahead and plan your fitness regime and diet accordingly.

We also would like to tell you that working hard on fitness is the key to attaining your goal. Don’t just sit and relax. Get up and get going and lose those extra pounds that lockdown might have given you.

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