Trypophobia Test


    Are you ever feeling bad after seeing this patterned image?

    Did this picture contain any holes?

    Do you feel like your body reacts to images of Bubble wrap?

    How does your body react to those images?

    Have you ever felt like you are sweating after seeing a patterned image?

    Which of the following sentences do you agree with the most?

    Do you only feel bad when there is a cluster of holes on someone’s body?

    You wake up early in the morning and realize a cluster of holes in your palm. What will you do?

    Which one is the worst image you have seen till now?

    You have to stare at the spider’s eyes for 5 minutes. Could you do that?

    There is a cluster of holes on one of your fingers. Doctors say that your finger will function despite the condition. But would you want to keep it or to amputate it?

    You have become a homeless person. But someone is offering you a free room. The only problem is that its walls look like a bee have…

    Have you ever felt like you cannot breathe after seeing an image that others find normal?

    Your partner (for some reason) insists that you have to wear a dress they gave you. But the problem is that the dress has so many hole-like shapes on it. What do you do?

    Would you rather have an extra five years added to your lifespan or remove all the clusters of holes from the planet earth?

    How often do you find something to be disgusting while others disagree with you?

    What is scarier?

    How often do you think about the disgustingness of some particular patterns?

    Do you think that Trypophobia should be considered a real phobia? (scientists don’t categorize it as a phobia).

    Do you feel like your fear of holes is stopping you from living a normal life?

    Trypophobia Test
    Your Phobia of Holes Seems to Be Severe
    Your responses are similar to people with severe Trypophobia. Seeing images or being exposed to certain types of patterns or holes makes you feel abnormally anxious. That is probably affecting your daily life as well. So, it is best to talk to a therapist before it turns into general anxiety. While there is no particular cure for the phobia of holes, several methods such as CBT are satisfyingly effective.
    Your Fear of Holes Is Not Worrying
    Most people find some images of holes or patterns disgusting. But that does not make them a Trypophobic person. Your fear seems to be expected. And it is not dangerously affecting your life. However, if you feel like it is bothering you, try the 5s method. (Breathe for 5 sec., hold your breath for 5 sec., and exhale for 5 sec.). That is a way to control your feelings when exposed to some images or scenes.
    You Are Not Trypophobic At All
    Well, it seems like you are just overthinking your thoughts. Your responses show that you have no Trypophobic traits. You might still hate to see some patterned images. However, that does not make you a person who has a phobia of holes. You are a-okay. So, stop worrying about your feelings.