What Career is Right for Me?

    What Career is Right for Me
    What Career is Right for Me

    Solve math problems.

    Start or run a business.

    Learn computer software programs.

    Use computer software to design art.

    Learn the legal system.

    Serve the community and keep it safe.

    Critique art, music, or performances.

    Bake or design cakes.

    Teach people new skills.

    Write a blog, magazine article, or novel.

    Observe human behavior.

    Discover why chemicals react to one another.

    Use math, science, and technology.

    Fix, build, or assemble various items.

    Take care of people, even strangers.

    Learn statistics and accounting.

    Supervise, hire, and mentor others.

    Code an app or website.

    Design the look and feel of a website.

    Study courses in law.

    Help people during an emergency.

    Act, sing, dance, or work behind the scenes of a play.

    Cook unique dishes for other people.

    Motivate others to meet their goals.

    Prepare a press release or write a commercial.

    Study ethics or philosophy.

    Conduct experiments and make observations.

    Evaluate products and redesign them to be better.

    Learn a trade.

    Learn how the body functions.

    Work with numbers often.

    Help with business operations.

    Troubleshoot technology issues.

    Create a logo or advertisement for a business.

    Help people resolve issues in a fair and just way.

    Enforce federal, state, and local laws.

    Paint, draw, or make sculptures.

    Work in a kitchen or bakery.

    Develop lesson plans for classes.

    Learn another language.

    Research other cultures or religions.

    Solve world issues using science.

    Create and build machines or structures.

    Work that is physical and keeps me moving.

    Help those who are dying, sick, or depressed.

    Learn how to invest money.

    Write a business plan.

    Keep up with cutting edge technology.

    Create graphics for video games, films, or websites.

    Advise others on their legal rights.

    Help your community during a crisis.

    Design works of art for others to enjoy.

    Teach a large group how to do something.

    Promote or market a brand new product.

    Understand world events or politics.

    Conduct science experiments.

    Innovate and design better products.

    A career requiring less than 2 years of education.

    Advise people about healthy lifestyle habits.

    Learn how to cook with various ingredients.

    What Career is Right for Me?



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