College Major Personality Quiz

College major personality quiz helps you to find the perfect College. The personalized result will be available as per the priorities to find the best College. The college major personality quiz will sort the query like “What college should I Go?”. All the specific parameters are taken under consideration to clear all the confusion about the College where you should take admission.


Live in a small or mid-sized populated location.

Attend a school with sports teams I can root for.

Attend a school with a rigorous academic curriculum.

Major in a degree in science, technology, engineering, and/or math.

Attend a trade vocational school.

Attend college near my home (or in state).

Attend college completely online.

Attend a school with an ROTC program.

Graduating without a lot of college debt.

Attend a school with smaller class sizes.

Attend a school with sports programs (recreational or competitive).

Attend a school with a focus on academics over everything else.

Attend a school with excellent science, technology, engineering, and/or math departments.

Get an education in 2 years or less.

Not have to relocate (or relocate far) to go to school.

Explore new places and people.

Take some (or all) of my classes online.

Join the military (during or after college).

Graduate without a lot of college debt.

Attend a smaller college campus.

A school with year-round athletic activities is important to me.

Attend a school that people nationwide have heard of.

Be around other students interested in science, technology, engineering, and/or math.

Spend more time doing hands-on projects then book work.

Attend school in my home state.

Travel to new places and see new things.

Work full-time while going to college.

Explore military career opportunities.

Go to an affordable school.

Not taking out student loans to pay for school.

College Major Personality Quiz
Small-Mid Sized
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
Trade School
Close to Home
ROTC Interested in joining the Armed Forces? If so, the Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) program
Explore Locations

Why do you need to know your type of College?

There are thousands of colleges, universities, and trade schools. Choosing a college major based on your personality is very difficult. The “College Major Personality Quiz” is designed to narrow the search and find out the best College as per your priorities college major personality quiz is designed. There are 30 questions and four options available for each. You have to click on the suitable option. Once you attempt the entire 30 questions, click on the “Submit Button”. Wait till the processing gets over. The result clarifies the confusion regarding a perfect college that may help you to graduate and thrive too.

Few factors need to be taken under consideration to find a perfect college.

  • Choice of majors, minor’s subjects.
  • Admission Criteria
  • Fee Structure(Public vs. private)
  • Explore Location
  • Campus Size: small, mid, or large sized
  • The campus community and social life
  • Extracurricular like clubs, athletics, music, theatre, etc.
  • Scholarship
  • Student support services (health, career, tutors)
  • Diversity on campus

Once you attempt the “College Major Personality Quiz” with honesty, you may figure out correctly about the College you should take admission to. You can also know whether you should opt for a regular, online, or part-time course. You can also figure out what type of degree you need (two-year or four-year).

All Types of College Majors in College Major Personality Quiz.

Small-Mid Sized

Small-sized colleges are typically private colleges. The small-sized College’s student population is fewer than 5000. The midsized College is a mix of private and public colleges, and the student population varies from 5000 to 15000.


The sports player should enroll in the Athletic University. The best Universities are the University of Michigan, the University of Florida, the University of Connecticut, Ohio State University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Notre Dame, and many more


The highly rank schools are known as IVY League schools, and there are eight institutes in the U.S known for the excellent results. The Ivy League schools are private schools, and 6% of students get selected. Many colleges and universities are holding the best academic results. The student selection is based on GPAs, Volunteer work, ACT, or SAT scores.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)

All four streams are grouped and used in the USA. The curriculum is decided as per U.S universities. The student selected for the STEM course and graduate is eligible to stay in the U.S for two years.

More about STEM.

Trade School

Trade school makes you perfect to work in the Trade sector. There is a difference between academic school and trade school. In a trade school, the students develop the skills like plumbing, electrical work, carpenter work, etc. There are many trade schools where students got selected in the various trade industries.

Close to Home

Want to get enrolled in the College or school near to home. Then check the various factors like transportation facility, how much time it takes to reach, the rank of a college, campus placement, and fee structure.


Want to do a course that is not available nearby, then you can switch to online classes. Online courses are also suitable for those who are working and can’t attend the regular classes. The distance learning courses are ideal for working professionals to get further degrees.


Interested in joining the Armed Forces? If so, the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program

Are you interested in joining the U.S military? You should join the ROTC program offered by various U.S universities. More than a thousand universities are running the ROTC program for training the commissioned officer for U.S Military.


You should find out the fee structure of the course you would like to get enrolled in. The various universities provide the scholarship. Just check whether it is available for a study in which you would like to take admission or not.

Final Words

You know the characteristics of various College Major Personality; it is time for you to go ahead and take the College Major Personality Quiz.

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